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What is is a community-driven project inspired by Civitas Protocol and governed by GANJA & BLAZE. Our vision is to develop an ecosystem of value ultimately supporting our community and the NFT space on the Binance Smart Chain.

NFT Focused

Driving innovation in the NFT space on Binance Smart Chain through production, farming, and industry partnerships.

Yield Farming

DeFi yield farming ecosystem offering investors a variety of ways to generate greater returns from tokens.


Project governance is 100% community-driven as holders of 1 GANJA or 500 BLAZE can join the Smokers club to vote on the use of community funds.


The first 100% community-driven deflationary token on Binance Smart Chain. GANJA is design to be a low-supply deflationary token which continually decreases in supply as 4.20% of each transaction is rolled up into a community fund.

Total Supply

Built to reward holders while supporting the ecosystem. BLAZE is designed to provide immediate value to holders through passive yield generation and create deep liquidity through automated liquidity generation.

Total Supply


May 2021

  • Website Update (v3)

  • Triforce Partnership

  • Announce Yield Farm & IFO Platform

  • Smokers Club Private Sale (2)
  • Smokers Club NFT Airdrop (4)

June 2021

  • Launch Yield Farming (GANJA)
  • Marketing Partnerships (2)
  • Announce New Farming Token
  • Smokers Club Private Sale (2)
  • Launch Merchandise Shop 

July 2021

  • Launch IFO Platform
  • 2nd Liquidity Pool for GANJA (based on community Vote)
  • Partnership announcement (4)
  • Accepted into DeFi accelerator


  • Cross-chain Yield Farming (MATIC & FTM) 
  • CEX Listing (GANJA and/or BLAZE) 
  • Proprietary NFT Marketplace
  • Brand & Merchandise Licensing